Been a While…

…that it has. We recently finished our big annual Open house here at my community and things have just begun to die down since. I myself, have been occupied with various jobs at the office and adding a few more graphics to my account including some scripture typography now available. If I’m going to continue updating my graphics though I’m going to need some better software. So far the Adobe suite I know and love (CS3) is quite expensive and though it’s well worth the investment (and a bit out dated). At the same time I don’t particularly care to pay for up-to-date software via monthly subscription. Those can add up.

Thus I’ve gone back to sleuthing and ran across an old article from Smashing Magazine “20 Vector Graphics Editors Reviewed” which gave me a lovely reminder of two particular editors I had on a previous computer: Scribus and Inkscape among the many others for Mac, and Linux systems.

Scribus boasts itself as an open source desktop publishing software for professional quality page layout, with press quality capabilities. (Those of you graphic designers will know what this function is.) Find out more about Scribus here.


Inkscape is also an open source software dedicated to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) and other vector elements. Discover more about Inkscape at their site here.

I’ve decided to give my hand another shot as these and downloaded them to my current computer. I’ve got a new interface to learn of course for both so let’s see how things go.

In the meantime I’ve got ATC’s to prep for the shoppe and a painting to get underway.



© Aundria Martinez.


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