Shoe-spiration: Project Update


Looking around for some shoe-spiration for the canvas shoes I’ve been given, I have taken to Pinterest. My oldest loves the movie Frozen and since she does not currently have any blue shoes, I’ve decided to make her some Elsa shoes and a pair of Anna inspired for her little sister.

I torn however on the Elsa coronation design and the later inspired by Elsa’s ice dress.

Check them out below:

Frozen Elsa Coronation Inspired Custom Painted Shoes for kids and adults $34: Paintings Service, For Kids, Canvases Shoes Paintings, Paintings Canvas, Custom Paintings Shoes

Frozen Inspired Elsa Coronation Shoes

Elsa and Anna - Frozen Inspired Painted Shoes - Adult Sizes

Elsa & Anna Frozen Inspired Shoes

These are painted but I think I’ll be using Sharpies for my finished product with a touch of some gold paint where needed.


All project images © Aundria Martinez.
Inspiration images are © Sole Calibre and VanEllaBean77


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