The Start of Something Frozen: Project Update

Since pintresting (if thats a word) I’ve decided to start on the Anna shoes inspired by the pictures below. Since the baby Keds look similar to these I’m going replicate the Anna design on them.


Elsa and Anna - Frozen Inspired Painted Shoes - Adult Sizes

Elsa & Anna Frozen Inspired Shoes

Side view of the Anna Shoe

Back view of the Anna & Elsa shoes.

The shoes by Sole Calibre are hand painted, but I’ve started working with Sharpies on the baby Keds.

The only problem I’ve run into thus far is that Sharpies have a tendency to bleed if you’re working slowly, so a quick (and accurate) hand is needed. I started the flowers by laying down their base color and applying the black over so I can add details without too much bleeding.

I know its not the same flower design but I liked this one better that I found on this Frozen Glitter Coloring Sheet.

Letting them dry a bit as also helpful with panels that are completely saturated with the same color. It’s not like drawing on paper, as the canvas material is somewhat absorbent and if the marker hasn’t dried completely it may leave colored smears on your hands you don’t want touching the finished portions.

I still have the inner tongue on this shoe and well as the pull tab on the very back before I start on the other. I also plan to go around the edges of the black with a gold metalic paint like the edges of the black on the Sole Calibre, though my gold is not as red in undertones as theirs.


All project images © Aundria Martinez.
Inspiration images are © Sole Calibre


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