McCurdy Clan Project Update

This time around I’m working to reproduce a family crest on canvas of the one below:

McCurdy family crest.

McCurdy family crest.

I’ve done crests before but only as a vectors from black and white line art. This finished size for this piece about the same as my previous Jesus Wept Canvas, 18 x 24 inches.

So far I have the line art out line in ink since I will need to enlarge the picture to fit my canvas with a projector as you can see below:

Crest outline done.

Crest outline done.

I only filled in the blacks of the helmet to help me make out the differences when I enlarge it. For colors I will be using the original color copy, though I am hoping to add more detail to the fleurs in the background. For now the line art will help me better make out the details of the shield and dragon just above the helmet which is where I need the real help keeping details as the original was heavily pixelated in these areas.

I’m excited to get this one on canvas and get started!


All images: © Aundria Martinez.


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