Another McCurdy Clan Project Update

I’m hard at work this week working on my Heraldry project this week. Much of which has been in debate about the background. I just haven’t been able to decide between a solid color (maybe black or brown), or an aged parchment look. I’ve gone with the later as of this point. Check out the progress below: 

For the paint I used two of the Apple Barrel paints shown: Antique White & Caramel Candy. (See their list of colors here.) I like these for covering large areas as they have a more fluid body and easier to spread around. I prefer to use the Antique white even for mixing with my colors rather than a pure white because the color change looks more natural to me.

For the distressing details I used a wadded paper towel dipped gently in the two colors used for my base and kind of scrubbed it in after dabbing it on. Around the edges I applied my darker Caramel Candy and rubbed down the edges with the same paper towel.

My other tools included a 2″ brush, a 1″ flat, and an angle head. Angle heads I love for some small places as I find I can fill them quickly and accurately.

Overall I’m pleased with it at this point.

All images: © Aundria Martinez.


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