It’s Been a While…

…or at least it feels like it. The family and I took a recent trip to visit family during Thanksgiving for a week and since I’ve been back I’ve had some major catching up to do and a few projects yet to finish.

Finding the time in the midst of helping everyone else with their holiday prep can be a little hard some times but I’m chugging right on through.

This week I’m busy as a bee working on handmade bookmarks for some precious ladies.

This particular project stems from one I’ve done a couple times in the past. In college, I created several with scripture verses printed on card stock and painted over with watercolor and glitter with ribbon tassels. I sold just over 100 of these to raise money for missions that year.

A couple of years later, a lady requested if I could make some with the meanings of some ladies’ names with a scripture verse as well. I had just about forgot I had done them (it’s been that long) when I was asked to make a few again this year as well.

This time instead of using card stock, however I am using a coldpress watercolor paper from Master’s Touch I purchased from Hobby Lobby. (I didn’t find this item on their online store but it’s relatively inexpensive in-store.)

For the lettering I’m using my permanent brush pens from Faber-Castle. Most places have these in single packs but I was able to purchase mine in a three pack from, though I believe they started selling them as singles now also.

For the sketches themselves I’m using Sakura Pigma Micron pens in .03 and .05 sizes. I really link the very delicate lines they leave which are slightly rough on the textured surface of the watercolor paper, but hold up well with a few watercolor washes I will add later to the front and backs of the bookmarks.

I still have to decide on tassel material after I punch the upper holes when they are dry and ready.

If you would be interested in me offering these custom arts on my shoppe simply comment below.

Updates to follow.


© Aundria Martinez.


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