Inspirational Book Marks: Final Update

I’m still busy working on some handmade bookmarks for some very precious ladies.

On my last update I had begun the coloring process, but in mid process I received orders for a few more from this client. 

I used a brush pen and a permanent scrap booking pen to lay down the black, but they usually have to sit over night for the ink to dry well enough to erase my pencil lines without a lot of smearing. The next day I carefully erased my lines and it was time to color.

I added color using a dry brush technique for the backgrounds I later diluted with water and sprinkled with salt to get a sporadic splattering effect as the salt draws the water towards itself, and likewise the color also giving some unique patterns.

(I’ve used this technique on several of my other artist trading cards still available at my Etsy shop.)  

Finally I added holes at the tope to lace the tassels through using some friendship bracelet cording, to which I added some small silver cross charms. (Sorry I didn’t get any pictures of these.)

All total I finished fifteen bookmarks, front and back with handmade tassels and charms. If I make more for the Etsy shop I will need to invest in some more charms. Comment below if you like to see similar projects in the shop. Perhaps a variation for all those bookworm guys out there too?

More project updates to come! Next up to complete is the finale for my McCurdy Heraldry project.

All images © Aundria Martinez.


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