McCurdy Clan Project Update

I’ve added a little bit more to my heraldry canvas this week . Check out the progress below:

For paint I’m still working with my Apple Barrel paints for their fluid body, and smooth blending ability.

I have moved onto highlights at this point, mostly for the gray fleurs, just as I have previously done for the yellow ones. I’ve also filled in the bird on the shield’s  upper portion and given him a white outline similar to the original printout I’m working from. This will be the only portion not outlined in black later.

I also began filling in the lighter areas of the helmet with a lighter shade of grey and white for the highlights. There will be a substantial amount of black to add to this portion so you’ll have to forgive my vague fill-in of color at this point.

With this much completed so far my next few steps will entail filling in the rest of the black for the shield, helmet and beginning the outlines. The motto text will come last as I will ned to re-pencil these in before I paint them in.

It won’t be long now, and I’m excited to see it finished soon.

More to come!

All images: © Aundria Martinez.


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