McCurdy Clan Project Final Update

So now my beloved heraldry crest is finally done. It took another couple of days to get all the blacks laid down and outlines accomplished, but it’s finished an a beauty to behold! Check it our below:

For paint finished this project up with my Apple Barrel paint in black. The soft body works well for the comic/tattoo-ish outlining and filling the larger areas of the shield.

It took two days to complete the black work: one to outline the fleurs, helmet and dragon. The second was spent filling in the black of the shield, finalizing the lower portion items of the sword, tree, and crown, outlining the banners and adding the final text of the motto (top banner) and the family name (lower banner).

I also took care of any additional clean up work needed that I could see where the black needed a second coat. I ended up coloring the lower portion of the shield completely in black because I didn’t like how the gradient-like appearance was taking shape I was trying to accomplish like that of the upper portion.

All in all I think the finished painting looked pretty good, and my client was fairly happy with it posting a photo of it promptly hung on the family wall after he got it home.

Shortly afterwards I had another request for a crest of their very own too. We’ll see how this goes!

All images: © Aundria Martinez.


3 thoughts on “McCurdy Clan Project Final Update

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