New Project: Bradley Family Crest

If you are currently following my shop you might remember my McCurdy Family Crest I finished last month. Word is out about the finished piece and thus I get to add another to my project list.

This time I was asked to reproduce a second family crest like the one below:


Bradley Family Crest


Another version with the motto more ledgable.

Another version with the motto more ledgable.

The McCurdy Family Crest was the first I have put to canvas rather than a digital file and was 18×24 piece. For the Bradley family crest I plan on keeping my canvas size the same this round as well.

I will need to gather some new supplies for this work so it will be off to the store for more paints to match the new color palette which will be mostly red and grey with a little silver and gold mixed in.

I will also need to recreate the line art for enlargement with my faithful Art Graph Projector. (Mine is a much older model than the one shown here, but they both operate the same way.)

Updates to follow.

© Aundria Martinez.


3 thoughts on “New Project: Bradley Family Crest

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