Random Project of the Week

This week was a random project for sure but I did enjoy the 3+ hours it took me to complete. What was it you ask? A garden shed prop for a local author of ours, Kathy Nickerson and her latest book “The Secret of Serendipity “. Check it out below: 

For this piece all the assembly and base coat were already done for me the night before so all I had to do was fill in the details.

I started with drawing in the window frames, door, and siding all modeled after the one appearing on the cover of Kathy’s book.

Next I took dark grey paint I mixed and filled in the lines of these with a flat head brush on its side. I later took and old worn paint brush and stroked in the mock wood grain as I moved from section to section. (The more worn, the better.) The screen on the door was accomplished using the same brush in a cross hatching motion. I did the same with a much lighter shade of grey to add highlights and give more depth to the mock paneling.

Toward the base of the shed I added a dark mossy green to give the appearance of both age but the fact that you normally see a little grass stains where ever it grows close to old wood. Since there would be vines later glued to the roof portion on the left side I used the same green to give a similar effect of aged wood.

Lastly I took to the hinges with a canary yellow under coat and a glossy gold over the darker detailing I filled in later. I added pale yellow highlights in the end to give the look of aged metal that still had some shine to it.

Cardboard window boxes will be hung in the windows later and green ivy growing up the left side to complete the look.

I used mostly standard wall paints for this project except for the hinges and door knob. These were done with my favorite Apple Barrel paints.

This prop will be used for Kathy’s various book signings, and events and she promotes her new book. If you would like to know more about Kathy and her work check out her blog at KathyNick.com.

I look forward to completing more projects like this one in the future!


Garden Shed Prop Images: © Aundria Martinez.

Book Cover © Kathy Nickerson & CrossRiver Media.


One thought on “Random Project of the Week

  1. Kathy says:

    Thank you for this amazing project! It was a huge hit at my book launch party, and I’m excited to take it on tour with me.

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