New Project: Bradley Family Crest

My last heraldry project McCurdy Family Crest I finished recently. Now I’m in the process of starting a new crest: The Bradley Family Crest. I’m a bit behind on updates after recently moving offices and still in the process of unpacking a final few boxes, but progress is progress so here it is:

Like my previous piece I invested in another 18×24 cotton duct canvas with a light texture. This will allow my paints to flow smoothly over the surface when I’m blending colors.

Next, I took the rather pixelated original and created a usable line art in pencil on paper in approximately a 4×6 inch size to fit under the frame of my Art Graph Projector. As you can see above I use it to enlarge projects to fit whatever I need. It works best with black and white or simple lines, but photos with clear details can work too. For tracing the enlargement I used just a plain pencil which will be easy to get rid of under the layers of paint to come next.

Later I began filling in the parchment-like background with a few different shades of khaki, off-white, and browns. I normally paint one color and blend the next after its dry, but this time I blended them while wet to fill in all the blank space around the crest and banners. A little touch up to fill in needed places was taken care of later, and just like my previous canvas I distressed the background a bit with a darker brown and plain paper towels. This gives the appearance of stains.

I still have some rough edges around the crest but these will get filled in the further along I go.

Now to fine my finer detailed brushes to work on the rest. Updates to follow.

All Images © Aundria Martinez.


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