As the Dust Settles…

Tools of the trade.The past couple of months have been a very busy time for me and the Dream Shoppe.

I’ve moved homes, prepped for an entire month for a yard sale and craft show, and trying to get various projects finished.

Now that the dust has cleared of the Maker’s Market its time to get down to business with a couple of projects I’ve have slowed down on progress, however I ran into one little speed bump this week: the case of the missing brushes. 

Some how in our recent move a case of my old faithful brushes has turned up missing. I still had a few of my various large wash brushes and a few boar hair bristle brushes but all of my gold talkon and nylon bristle brushes I love to use have turned up missing.

I’ve searched high and low for them with no luck.

Saddest of all is that I need those to finish one of my more complicated projects like The Bradley Family Crest. I need my missing smaller ones to work out the tiny precious details needed to finish this piece.

Thus last night I broke down and bought a few pack of brushes including a couple sets of FolkArt Brushes avaliable at Amazon and Walmart.

For now I will be trying out a 5 piece set of Taklon Angle Brush Set and a 5 piece set of Gold Taklon Lettering and Detail Set (both pictured below).


I also purchased a Royal Brush Langnickel 25-Piece Brush Value Pack in assorted sizes and styles.

I purchased one of these value packs a few years ago and found some real treasures for the types of brushes I normally use. They may not be as fancy as a few others I’ve purchased from places like Hobby Lobby and Dick Blick Studio on clearance, but if you treat them right, they can still last for many years of use as my previous ones have.

All images: © Aundria Martinez.


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