New Project: Bradley Family Crest

My last heraldry project McCurdy Family Crest I finished recently. Now I’m in the process of starting a new crest: The Bradley Family Crest which is a bit long over due now between my recent move, Makers Market preparations and getting ready to add a new member to our family, but progress is progress so here it is:

So far I started adding all the reds which takes a bit of work since my current selection of reds go on very thin and require multiple layers to hide the white canvas underneath. So far I have a bright red added with my darker wine toned shadow work.

Figuring highlights however will be another issue as I mentioned before the downside of my red paints is the fact that they are very thin, so adding highlights over the current colors blend in so much they are barely seen. I would add white or cream to the highlight color, but I must be careful so as not to end up with odd pink highlights on a crest that should be red.

There is still plenty of fine tuning to be done to the reds, and fill in the rest. Updates to follow.

All Images © Aundria Martinez.


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