Random Project of the Week

This week’s random project was a desperate refinishing to our current coffee table. Check it out below:

We purchased the table for just $15 from our local thrift store but the color left more to be desired with our current red and brown living room decor. Besides that the previous owners had attempted to etch “Live, Love, Laugh” in random places on the table top, there was remnants of what looked like old nail polish, and rather large stickers about the top, someone had put on, left for a while and made a poor attempt at removing.

It took a while but between my Black & Decker Finishing Sander I found for a real deal at a pawn shop, and a folding pocket knife, I was able to scrape away the hideous stickers, polish and surface finish.

For the repaint I used Rust-Oleum’s Painters Touch Spray Paint, in Satin Espresso. To save my hands the pain of those tiny spray tops so typically do to my fingers I also purchased a Comfort Grip also made by Rust-Oleum which I would highly recommend. It gives your hands something more to grip than just the can and give the feel of using a spray gun without the compressor and wires. Plus it’s so much easier on the hands.

I coated the top and sides of the table first, and flipped it for the lower portions after the paint had set a good half hour. After another half hour outside, I brought the table in and let it set, undisturbed, over night before bringing it back to the living room.

For now our table looks pretty complete, but me being the artist I am, still has further plans for a cross or bear design to be added to the top in corresponding tan, red, and gold like the rest of our living room. The hard part is settling on a design I like!

All Images: © Aundria Martinez.


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