Project Update: Bradley Family Crest

My last heraldry project McCurdy Family Crest I finished recently. Now I have finally completed my latest crest project: The Bradley Family Crest. I have moved since starting this painting and welcomed our fourth child just before putting the finishing touches on it.

I started the next phase of this painting filling in the gray shading of the shield, felurs followed by coloring in the much darker helmet. For the felurs I used my paint much like watercolor, thinning it down significantly and trading between a dry and wet brush for application and blending. I used a similar method for the helmet’s shading and highlights after laying down the base color. I also added shading to the white elements to the shield to give it a metallic feel.

Later I took black to fill in the shield and began my outline work from there. I really do like the comic-ish feel I get from outlining everything in black. It’s time consuming with little room for error, but the finished result is so worth it.

After finishing the outlines I break out a pencil and mark my guidelines for the text as well as my center point from which I start the lettering process; first with the lower banner and then the top.

This project was a bit of a challenge in working with the reds, but I’m still happy with the final result and so was my client.

All Images © Aundria Martinez.


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