An Expanding Portfolio and Trying Something New

As time continues to pass I continue to work on a variety of projects from vinyl, to t-shirt design, to photography, and anything I can squeeze in between. Lately I’ve been at work with more photography on my profile at and more recently at

ViewBug allows amateur and veteran photographers compete in the world wide photo contests, judged by photographers around the globe. Viewbug offers the opportunity to win trips, and camera gear for various photo contests. The site also allows photographers of all kinds to collaborate, inspire and be inspired by one another’s work.

I currently use their free account with that allows up to 10 uploads per week and access to their free photo contests. There is also a paid professional option if you like that includes more uploads and the opportunity to enter far more contests. While I haven’t won any contests yet, Viewbug is still a way to work on my portfolio and learn from others to further improve my photography skills-and perhaps I may even inspire someone else to do the same!

Pink Lilies Macro Close Up 3

Pink Lilies Macro Close Up 3

 See more from GodsDreamer here. is a site that allows you to sell your photos through the convenience of your tablet, phone or mobile device. Simply download the app via the itunes or Google Play stores, fill out the required information and start uploading your photos. Foap pays out $5 for every photo sold. (Each photo sells on the Foap market for a total of $10 and Foap splits the payment 50/50 with the photographer.)

I just started my own profile this week so I’m still in the process of evaluating and learning what the app is capable of. I’ve uploaded a few photos that I haven’t been able to use with my contributor profile due to their high res size requirements but always wanted to use. (Foap allows for slightly smaller file sizes, but will notify you if a photo does not meet the minimum size.)

Image Copyright Godsdreamer of Foap,com & Aundria Martinez

Image Copyright godsdreamer of & Aundria Martinez

As of the date of this post I have not sold any photos yet, but as I previously stated I’m just getting started, and looking forward to seeing where both sites could take me.

Photos: © Aundria Martinez.

Logos: © &


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