Psalm 118: Commission Painting

If you keep track at all of my newly added Instagram page I recently added a new job to my projects list. You can check out the proposal below:

This particular work is typography based but with still have a little Dream Shop flair.

It’s taken a moment to get more canvases in but I’m back at it with my pile of Apple Barrel, Folk Art, and Blick Artist Acrylics. I’ve started with using a little antique white and cadmium red to start building up my base of colors. Red acrylics tend to lay out thin and sometimes see through, and work better together in layers. I’m purposely leaving the center of this piece lighter than the edges. After the first coat I gradually faded in a few more darker shades I’ve concentrated closer to the edge and corners. (Just mouse over the photo below to see the progress thus far.)



All images: © Aundria Martinez.

2 thoughts on “Psalm 118: Commission Painting

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