Further Opportunities

As a graphic designer I have a joined a few stock photography/graphics sites as a contributor at 123rf.com, and more recently Shutterstock.com. I can say its a considerable amount of work to maintain and produce work according to each sites own unique specifications, but I know the rewards can be great and well worth my time if I just keep at it. That being said, I have added one more stock site to my portfolio: Adobestock.com.

You can visit the link here to see my items available or check out some of the images you may find below:

Duck Park Rocking horse

Zebra Park Rocking horse

Park Rocking horse

Old Farm Wheel in Tall Grass

Old Farm equipment in Grass

 Old Farm Wheel

You can view my full portfolio at 123rf here.
You also can view my Shutterstock portfolio soon here.

All images: © Aundria Martinez.


The Dream Shoppe’s Social Networks

There are a variety of ways to follow people these days, and keep track of what they’re doing. You can find a few of my social links in the handy dandy side bar to the left of the page but you can also check them all out right here below:

Dreamers Lil Dream Shop on Etsy is where you can find my fan art and original Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) and ATC prints as well as downloadable digital prints and paintings.

GodsDreamer at Society 6 Visit this growing network where many artists gather and have the opportunity to share with you, our followers, an whole new variety of printed products including framed art prints, cards, phone cases, clocks, tote bags, leggings and so much more. I have a few pieces featured so far and looking to add many more! Plus first time shoppers can take an additional 10% of your first order.

GodsDreamer @ 123rf.com Here you will find my first online portfolio of purchasable photos and vector graphics from cars, nature, holidays, baby showers, and inspirational typography, with so much more being added on a regular basis.

Aundria Martinez @ Behance.net Get a more extensive look at my work from the past few years in photography, typography, vectors, painting, print, and illustration with my growing portfolio. My project dates back as far as 2006!

GodsDreamer @ Deviantart Before there was Behance.net there was Deviantart—the home to some of my earliest work and the place where my current employment got a glimpse of some of my first work. It’s been a while since I updated, but I’m back at it again adding new projects when I can and link to where they can be purchased where available.

GodsDreamer @ ViewBug More Recently I’ve also joined the collective photo bugs at ViewBug in my attempt to display my photography work–mostly nature shots and macro photography. I have high hopes of getting a better eye for the perfect shot through the camera lens.

GodsDreamer @ Instagram I’m more than just a graphic designer, illustrator, and photographer. I’m also a wife and mother of four with a wide variety of interests. If you don’t mind the kid photos between projects feel free to follow me here.

GodsDreamer2005 @ Twitter Here you’ll mostly see links to my latest updates from Etsy, Instagram, or either one of my blogs I manage or follow.

Dreamers Little Dream Shoppe @ Facebook Find updates from the Dream Shoppe, and other artists I follow, or fun DIY projects and art techniques I find along the way in cyber space.


All images: © Aundria Martinez.

The Start of Something Frozen: Project Update

Since pintresting (if thats a word) I’ve decided to start on the Anna shoes inspired by the pictures below. Since the baby Keds look similar to these I’m going replicate the Anna design on them.


Elsa and Anna - Frozen Inspired Painted Shoes - Adult Sizes

Elsa & Anna Frozen Inspired Shoes

Side view of the Anna Shoe

Back view of the Anna & Elsa shoes.

Continue reading

Shoe-spiration: Project Update


Looking around for some shoe-spiration for the canvas shoes I’ve been given, I have taken to Pinterest. My oldest loves the movie Frozen and since she does not currently have any blue shoes, I’ve decided to make her some Elsa shoes and a pair of Anna inspired for her little sister.

I torn however on the Elsa coronation design and the later inspired by Elsa’s ice dress. Continue reading

Blank Canvases

A friend of mine saved a little surprise for me this past week: canvas Keds for baby. They are white with the typical  yellowing that happens with age where the rubber toe meets the fabric material. She said she knew the color might look bad, but that she knew I could turn them into something new.

Then my husband found some canvas Toms knock offs at Hobby Lobby for our oldest.

Guess these will are going to be my project of the week:

Most people see plain shoes. I see blank canvases.

Most people see plain shoes. I see blank canvases.

All images: © Aundria Martinez.

Find of the Week

I was going through some old files at the office (as I do take time to occasionally clean out old files) when I ran across one of the first few newsletters I had done when I first started as a graphic designer. I’ve changed a lot with my layout designs since then, but has it really been this long?

One of the first newsletter updates done for a local nursing home back in 2009!

One of the first newsletter updates done for a local nursing home back in 2009!

All images: © Aundria Martinez.

Been a While…

…that it has. We recently finished our big annual Open house here at my community and things have just begun to die down since. I myself, have been occupied with various jobs at the office and adding a few more graphics to my 123rf.com account including some scripture typography now available. If I’m going to continue updating my graphics though I’m going to need some better software. So far the Adobe suite I know and love (CS3) is quite expensive and though it’s well worth the investment (and a bit out dated). At the same time I don’t particularly care to pay for up-to-date software via monthly subscription. Those can add up. Continue reading