Psalm 118: Commission Painting Part 2

If don’t already follow the Dream Shop’s Instagram page, I would definitely go check it out. (Of course I may be a bit partial to it.) In my recent update I’ve added a continuation to my Psalm 118 painting. Check out the progress below (Mouse over the photo below to see the process.):

I started my text by roughing it out on some scrap paper before translating it back to the canvas in a larger scale. After the transfer was complete, I mixed my darkest shade of red with burnt umber and a dab of black. From there I took my time switching between and angle head brush and a pointed liner to lay out the initial letters. There’s still some clean up and tweaking to do though before this piece is ready for its new owner.


All images: © Aundria Martinez. Contributor Updates: Typography 10 Hand Drawn Edition

Here again with another contributor update at 123rf offers a variety of stock options including audio, video, photos, vectors, and clipart. 123rf features on demand stock pricing as well as subscriptions with various pricing to fit any designer’s need.

I’ve added a few hand drawn typography vectors like the samples below to inspire you (You can find them at my profile on here):

Vector – Thankful Hand Drawn Typography, Black and White – 66957148

Vector - Blessed Hand Drawn Typography, Brown 68719210

Vector – Blessed Hand Drawn Typography, Brown 68719210

All images: © Aundria Martinez.